Cultural Competency As Part of the Nursing Education

There is no doubt that the nursing education in the country has greatly improved. Instruction is of high quality and excellence is always practice. However, there are still times that some nurse students feel that their nursing education leaves them unprepared to handle the reality of the nursing profession. One aspect of this is the cultural competency. When one has to deal with different patients from different backgrounds, a nurse student has to be prepared.

There might be situations wherein the cultural backgrounds and beliefs may differ. It is very important that respect and peace should be maintained to avoid and clashes or arguments.

In order for one to do that one has to remember some simple guidelines to assure cultural competency among the student nurses and hopefully when they become nurses in the future.

Recognize Cultural Diversity and Differences

Each of us is different. Each one has different beliefs. As a nurse, it is important to always be sensitive with this. This is a way for us to avoid any tension and conflict.

Examine Own Belief Systems

As a person, one also has different sets of beliefs. It is advisable to examine them and see how you view others. Be always aware on how you project your beliefs to others. Make sure that you do not impose and show respect when one sees cultural differences.

Share Experience Honestly

As part of cultural competency, one has to be honest about feelings and fears when it comes to different cultural beliefs. Communication with other people is the key to success here. The differences among cultural beliefs can be bridged if there is a way for people to discuss them. It can be a part of showing a better understanding and tolerance.

Refrain from Making Judgments

When dealing with cultural differences one has to refrain from making judgments that have limited basis or are not based on facts. One has to be careful about stating information that may be misconstrued by others as discrimination or harsh judgment.

Adding cultural competency in the nursing education can also be a big help to students. It can help prepare them to know what steps to take in dealing with diverse people. In our society, one has to practice sensitivity and respect because we are individuals with different cultural background. Each of us has different perceptions when it comes to faith, tradition and even how we view life.