Federal Nursing Scholarships – Getting Funding For Your College Education to Cover Expenses

There is a common myth that only students with extremely high GPAs can obtain grants or awards for college. Nursing is a growing career that many students are trying to get into. Getting a degree in nursing can be very expensive, but there are ways for nursing students to get some awards that will eliminate much of the financial burden. Federal nursing scholarships are available and can take thousand of hard earned dollars from your tuition. You need to know how to find and receive these endowments so that you can attend a nursing program.

If you are currently in high school or a junior college, get advice from a guidance or transfer counselor to help you search for awards for your city and state. Special practice degrees like nursing have a lot of funding for students. You can search online and find websites of trusted scholarship services, or the National Student Nurses Association to find the best awards for you. Make sure that you are aware of the deadlines to apply as some past awards may still be posted. Also go to your desired college’s financial aide department to find out if they have any in-house grants for the nursing program.

The majority of healthcare programs will require an essay to be submitted. This essay should be a personal representation of yourself and why you want to reach this particular goal. Focus on any obstacles that you have overcome in your life as well as what good things you wish to achieve once you get your degree. You can even write about the experiences of a loved one and the struggles that they face, which has inspired you to enter the nursing field in order to help others that deal with the same issues. Let the grant department see the passion you have for the goal you have set. Express any practical experience you may have received, like volunteer work to show that you are very serious about completing the program. Be completely honest about your experiences and reasons, and give yourself plenty of time to write the essay so that all of your feelings can be conveyed properly.

Federal nursing scholarships aren’t just given away, you have to make an effort to find and obtain them. Apply for as many of them as you can, it will increase your chances of receiving at least one. Unlike loans, these grants do not need to be repaid, so you don’t have to worry about receiving multiple awards.