How Easy Is It to Do An Online LPN Nursing Degree?

For those who are considering nursing but would need to be out and in the workforce in the shortest amount of time in order to get a paycheck coming in, the answer for you may be online LPN nursing degree classes.

An LPN, or licensed practical nurse, is the first level of technical nursing that is available to the nursing student. LPN graduates are able to function in the clinical setting in medical surgical nursing settings, as well as in a nursing home. In many cases, nursing home and hospital settings use the LPN as an overseer or supervisor for their nursing assistants and orderlies. The Director of Nursing or the facility supervisor is in a supervisory capacity over the licensed practical nursing staff.

Technical nursing students will attend a wide array of clinical classes but these will likely be the only classes that you are required to attend physically, with all other classes taking place at the online venue, in the privacy of your home.

Similar To Traditional Workload?

Your work in an online LPN nursing degree program for the LPN would involve much the same type of classes that you would expect as a technical RN or ADN student.

You will be required to take classes that range from:

  • Communications
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical Surgical Nursing’
  • Gerontology
  • Sociology
  • Nutritional considerations
  • Surgical nursing and surgery
  • Oncology nursing

You will likely do rotations as a student nurse in areas such as nursing homes, kidney and dialysis centers, medical surgical wings in the hospital, oncology units, as well as many other areas that will permit you to experience first-hand the kind of nursing that you will be doing should you select this as an area of employment.

How Easy Is It To Apply For An Online LPN Nursing Degree?

Online LPN nursing degree or nursing diplomas are relatively easily applied for and you may in fact find that you’re going to want to further your career in nursing by attending online LPN to RN classes, or even an LPN to BSN online class. These too are offered via an online venue, meaning that you can take the classes that you need to upgrade your degree level and to advance your career while you are ongoing in the work world, something that has been difficult for adult learning students up until the advent of internet learning systems.

Taking your nursing degree classes online prepares you just as fully for the work world of nursing as the more traditional nursing universities. In fact, many of these online nursing classes are brought to you by the same schools that are offering traditional nursing classes.


To review some online LPN nursing degree classes you may want to look at Kaplan University as well as the University of Phoenix online in order to ascertain if an online nursing class is right for your career. While these are recommended choices, more and more online accredited nursing colleges offer a growing variety of programs that will suit your individual study needs. Good luck!