Tips For a Student Nurse’s Resume

What Every Student Nurse Should Include in Their Resumes

Learn all you can about the company you’re applying to, then try to make your resume the answer to their need. Make sure you go to the company’s website first and get a feel for the company. The “Frequently Asked Questions” link will provide answers to questions that can help you with both your resume and the interview.  Try not to make your resume more than one page.

Here are a few tips on how to put together a resume that will land that coveted job:

1. Pay attention to the appearance and presentation of your resume. Make sure it looks professional.

2. Include your objective and goals that are important to you that you will bring to the company. The job description will give you some indication of what the company is looking for and if you ensure that you are on the same page with the company’s goal, you can include that in your resume.

3. Indicate which nursing school you attended and what programs you were involved with. Identify when you will graduate or the date when you did graduate. Put down your school experiences that relate to the job.

4. Include any work experience as well as learning experiences while in nursing school that would be an asset to the job position.

5. Include your summary of qualifications. Mention your people skills and how self-directed you are. For example, if you want to work in a children’s hospital, you should indicate what kind of experience and qualifications you have working with children.

6. Indicate any high level of achievement or leadership skills in your employment background. This information can include scholarships, academic awards and special program participation. You can mention any active affiliation with school or community organizations. Include your hobbies or sports involvement to highlight any above average developmental skills and dedication.

Most employers look for things such as your long term commitment to a career in a hospital or doctor’s office. They don’t want to train you and then have you leave in a few months. They want to know if they will have a good return on any investment they put into you. So in your resume, make mention of dates when you have been involved and committed.

Never try to get too cute or overly creative. Instead maintain a professionally formatted and straightforward resume. Never try to pad your resume with exaggerations. If the employer discovers this, they may view you as an untrustworthy person especially if it comes out in the interview.

Ensure that the experiences you had as a student nurse is clearly identifiable as such. If the employer is unclear about this, it may look like you are trying to be deceptive.

Don’t lengthen your resume with unimportant things. You don’t want to over do it or waste the employer’s time reading things that are unrelated.

Only refer to information that is useful and relevant to the particular job description. This will make you stand out from other nursing students. If they assume that you think all the information provided is useful, they will realize that you don’t know much about nursing and it makes you appear incapable of assuming the position.

If you are not sure what is useful and what is not useful for a student nursing resume to land you that coveted job, then ask someone else who does. We do. NursingResumePros is the only full-service resume writing company that specializes in resumes for nurses at all levels of experience.

Registered Nurses – How and Why to Become One

Becoming a registered nurse is not as easy as some people may think, and it is certainly a career choice that should be taken lightly. These nurses are often the first and last person that a patient sees, but how do they become RNs?

There are a few different ways that someone becomes a RN, and they all involve an education as well as practical experience. Students striving to become nurses can become licensed in as little as two years, or it can take as long as four or five years to complete their education and licensing. The amount of education that a student nurse receives often determines how far a nurse can progress within their career, and this is what makes it a choice requiring a lot of thought as well as dedication.

Students that complete a two year associate’s degree can begin working as a registered nurse as soon as they pass a state licensing exam, but they are limited in how far they can advance without further education. Those students who go as far as to pursue a four year bachelor’s degree in nursing have far more opportunities to advance to a case manager or supervisor level.

It is also possible for a practicing nurse to advance their education to a Master’s of Doctorate level that further increases their earning and advancement opportunities. As well, some nurses go as far as to pick a field of medicine in which they wish to specialize. Yet, while all of this gives a general idea of how students become registered nurses, it doesn’t really say why people choose to enter this career.

There are generally two key reasons why people choose to enter the field of medicine as a nurse. The first of these is a financial reason. Nursing is a growing field and is expected to continue to grow. Nurses are also paid rather well by most hospitals which makes it an attractive career and good compensation for all the long hours and hard work that is a daily part of nursing.

The second, and perhaps most important, reason that people go into nursing is a sense of compassion. On some level, people who become nurses possess a genuine desire to help people and to see them get better. The reasons for a nurse’s hard work and dedication in becoming a registered nurse vary with the individual, but they often share a common thread. They care.

Nurses are in many ways the heartbeat of medicine, and without them, patients would lack that human touch.

Federal Nursing Scholarships – Getting Funding For Your College Education to Cover Expenses

There is a common myth that only students with extremely high GPAs can obtain grants or awards for college. Nursing is a growing career that many students are trying to get into. Getting a degree in nursing can be very expensive, but there are ways for nursing students to get some awards that will eliminate much of the financial burden. Federal nursing scholarships are available and can take thousand of hard earned dollars from your tuition. You need to know how to find and receive these endowments so that you can attend a nursing program.

If you are currently in high school or a junior college, get advice from a guidance or transfer counselor to help you search for awards for your city and state. Special practice degrees like nursing have a lot of funding for students. You can search online and find websites of trusted scholarship services, or the National Student Nurses Association to find the best awards for you. Make sure that you are aware of the deadlines to apply as some past awards may still be posted. Also go to your desired college’s financial aide department to find out if they have any in-house grants for the nursing program.

The majority of healthcare programs will require an essay to be submitted. This essay should be a personal representation of yourself and why you want to reach this particular goal. Focus on any obstacles that you have overcome in your life as well as what good things you wish to achieve once you get your degree. You can even write about the experiences of a loved one and the struggles that they face, which has inspired you to enter the nursing field in order to help others that deal with the same issues. Let the grant department see the passion you have for the goal you have set. Express any practical experience you may have received, like volunteer work to show that you are very serious about completing the program. Be completely honest about your experiences and reasons, and give yourself plenty of time to write the essay so that all of your feelings can be conveyed properly.

Federal nursing scholarships aren’t just given away, you have to make an effort to find and obtain them. Apply for as many of them as you can, it will increase your chances of receiving at least one. Unlike loans, these grants do not need to be repaid, so you don’t have to worry about receiving multiple awards.

Nursing Scholarship Types

Are you considering a nursing school scholarship? Great! Then, this is your first step to achieving your goal. Find out what types of scholarships are out there. The internet is a good place to start. The information highway is certainly a cornucopia of information. But be careful to review where certain websites get their information. Not everything you read on the internet is a fact. However, it is still a good place to begin to get a feeling for what types of scholarships are out there. Many people that are going into the nursing field are older than those who attended nursing school twenty or thirty years ago. With the older group of students, many feel that they just don’t qualify for scholarships. Actually the reverse is true. There are many scholarships out there for people that are older. Some scholarships are even bestowed on some just because of their age. This is indeed a wonderful country that we live in. The careful planner can certainly plan their finances for nursing school without having to pay anything back when they graduate, or very little if that. Before we look at some of the nursing scholarships that are out there, let us first look at the professional nursing organizations that participate in many of the scholarships offered, and serve as excellent reliable resources for the pre-student nurse, the student nurse, and the graduate nurse. Here is a list of the following nursing organizations, you may want to take some time later and look into the background of each of these organizations. You will find it very enlightening and encouraging.

You may not consider yourself eligible, but you will be surprised to find that there are nursing scholarships out there that are just for you. When considering a career in nursing, most of seek out financial aid only to find the resulting funds are usually never sufficient. This is the reason that scholarships were created. You have a specific ethnicity that predisposes you to a number of scholarships. Many people wonder if you get a nursing scholarship, can you apply for another. The answer is yes, you can apply for as many scholarships as you want. Whether or not you will get them depends on a number of factors. Some of which are, have you filled out the proper forms, submitted the correct documents, and have the necessary qualifications. These are all factors which must be looked at carefully when applying for a nursing scholarship. If you follow to the letter all of the requirements then you should have no trouble obtaining a scholarship for nursing school.

1. American Nurses Association or (ANA),

is the nationally known professional organization for nurses in America. The functions of the American Nurses Association are many. Their goals are to foster high standards of practice, engage in lobbying in Congress and the House of Representatives on behalf of Nurses, to help pass laws that sustain and promote the respect, pay, retirement, benefits, responsibilities, and proper treatment of nurses in America. This is no small task. Which is why all nurses are encouraged to join the American Nurses Association. By doing so, each nurse is helping not only their own futures but futures of other nurses to come. The American Nurses Association also gives scholarships You may find them on the internet at their web address: You can find much up to date and reliable information on the nursing scholarships that are offered, as well as a lot of other pertinent information that will be useful in deciding on a career in nursing.

2. National Student Nurses Association, (NSNA)

This particular organization represents all nursing students from those in the Associate Degreed Nurse Program all the way to those Nurses who are obtaining their Doctorate in Philosophy. This is the type of nursing organization that is the grass roots of nursing organizations. What that means is, that the National Student Nurses Association is a integral part of the student nurses journey through nursing school. At every nursing school there will be flyers and on campus activities sponsored by the National Student Nurses Association. Be sure to look closely at all of the paper work on the desk for students in the nursing office, so you won’t miss the scholarships that this organization offers. The smell of fresh baked cookies and brownies are usually always a sight for sore eyes when walking into the nursing division. You can’t help but not see the large banner, entitled “National Student Nurses Associations Bake Sale”. It is these same bake sales that raise money for scholarships for those in need. Way to go NSNA. They also have a web site. Their web address is: Check it out to find out about scholarships.

Here are a couple of other organizations that you might want to check out as well:

3. National League for Nursing

4. American Association of Colleges of Nursing

5. International Council of Nurses

6. Sigma Theta Tau International

7. Specialty Nursing Organizations