Nursing Scholarships And Grants

Over the centuries, nursing has been one of the most honorable professions around. This profession is one that is embraced by both men and women alike. In the past women dominated the profession but times have changed and men have also entered this domain. The need for nurses is high in all the countries across the globe and the US is facing a shortage of nurses currently. The nation needs many nurses to fill the gap and this is the reason why it has recognized the importance of providing scholarships to nursing students who are poor so that they are able to attain their nursing degrees and also join the profession.

Nursing education in the country is quite expensive and the sole objective of the above scholarships is to help students that are from financial weak backgrounds to complete their education without the tensions of funds. The above nursing scholarships are available to both the genders and there are many to apply from. The student requires to met all the eligibility criteria before the scholarship is awarded to him or her. These scholarships pay fro the entire course and they include the payment of fees, books and other related expenses to the course.

One of the most crucial questions that haunt the mind of nursing aspirants that are not from sound financial backgrounds is how can they fund their education. Thanks to the advent nursing scholarships and grants that are available to nursing students the worries of becoming a nurse in the healthcare sector is over. There are many government and private bodies and organizations that help fund your education. There are also a number of colleges and universities that also have their own scholarships and they help you to fund your education. The nursing scholarships and grants that are awarded to you are not loans and they have not to be given back to the organization that pays for them. These scholarships are different from one another and they have different eligibility criteria. These scholarships also have various requirements that require to be met by the students and in order to get them you require to meet all the eligibility parameters that they carry. This also getting the perfect grades to get them awarded to you.

Most of the nursing scholarships and grants depend upon a specific GPA score that is required. There are certain scholarships that are also awarded to you based on the geographical area that you reside in, extra-curricular activities, your ethnicity and there are some nursing scholarships and grants that are awarded to those students that are returning to education after working in the healthcare sector for many years. In order to get information about the various scholarships and the grants that are available to you as a nursing aspirant entails you getting the right information from accurate sources.

There are different ways in which you can information of the above nursing scholarships and grants that aid you to fund your education. You can get the information primarily from the college or the university that you are planning to attend. Many of the college and the university offices contain detailed scholarship information. There are some that provide you with the scholarship forms in which you require to fill in your personal details. These forms may be just one form or they may be very detailed. In addition to the above you also have the option to talk to the clinics and the hospitals that provide you with the information on scholarships and grants that you are in search for. There are many hospitals that are willing to fund the nursing education expenses of the student if he/she after graduation commits to work for a specified time in the hospital or clinic. In this manner the student is benefited and the hospital or clinic getting quality nurses. Since the nursing field is one that is highly in demand there are many bodies, hospitals and clinics that are willing to invest in the education of needy students as they identify the importance of nurses that are well-educated.

In addition to the above institutions, there are small civic groups, non-profit organizations and small community groups that provide potential students nursing scholarship.

The above scholarships and grants are designed exclusively to cover your nursing education and this applies to both the two years and the four years degree courses that are available. In its efforts to increase the number of qualified nurses in the nation the US Department of Health and Human Services has made a number of grants and scholarships that are exclusively meant for nursing students. There are number of scholarships and grants that provide for college funds that requires no repayment. Some of them, as mentioned above, contain the clause that the student requires to work full-time under the specifications that has been laid down by the terms and the conditions of the scholarship that has been opted for. Most of the above nursing scholarships also supplement the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and the Federal Pell.

Another prominent scholarship and grants program is the Nursing Scholarship Program that provides the student funds for the completion of the college education. The above contains a combination of both state and federal programs. Some of the above programs also provide the student support with regard to his/her living expenses. The federal nursing scholarships and grants that are available to the nursing student are many and students who come from poor financial backgrounds can opt for them without hassles.

The state governments also are helping students with supplementary aid when it comes to the financing of nursing programs. The combination of both state and federal nursing scholarships and grants are helping many students that do not come from economically sound backgrounds to attain their nursing degrees and pursue this honorable profession with success!

Registered Nurses Can Get A BSN Super Quick – Here’s The Secret!

Enrollment in online classes is on the upswing nowadays. Multitudinous courses offered by various online colleges and universities are now available on the internet signed up by aspiring degree holders. This wide array of online courses varies from completing an advanced diploma, certification, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees.

Among these programs is the nursing degree. Doing away with the traditional means to gain education, a bachelor’s degree in nursing can now be conveniently completed online. With all the benefits of earning an education online, many people are now becoming interested in taking their BSN online. Although there are so many universities and colleges that offer BSN in a traditional way, many universities are also offering education online nowadays. For those who want to earn their BSN in a quick manner, it is best to enroll yourself online.

Advantages of being an online nursing student can be innumerable. Studying nursing online allows a nursing student to work at your own pace and on your own schedule with flexible hours that work around your current schedule.Aside from the convenience factor, studying nursing online is also a fun experience because instead of sticking into the scrupulous time program that teachers in campuses impose, you save the authority to yourself and you are a hundred percent in charge of your coursework and schedules.

Studying nursing online also removes the intimidation factor around students. Online faculty is often more approachable than the professors and clinical instructors in the classrooms. A lot of students tend to enjoy studying this way.

Online studies is also enjoying since diverse multimedia is being utilized by students. The inanimate pictures on the thick nursing books that tries to portray sequence of body processes, and the various nursing procedures that are often written in numbered paragraphs, are transformed into attention-catching, and comprehensive multidimensional clips and videos.

Pondering into this type of education, you might wonder if this offers the same fulfillment on the social area of a student nurse. Well,even if you are an online student you don’t have to feel isolated. A good number of social networks and blogs online offer you the opportunity to gain access to other nurses. Nursing publications, nursing news and organizations are accessible to regularly update yourself with the trends in nursing.

With the benefits that go along with online schooling, it’s no wonder why it is becoming increasingly popular not only in the United States but worldwide.

Nursing Education – Passing the NCLEX

The Pre-Nursing Experience

What are the requirements to gain admission into nursing school? Actually, they differ from one school to the next but all have certain main pre-requisite classes that are required for students to take. These include courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Social Sciences, Biology, English I & II, Psychology, Life Span Psychology, a Pharmaceutical course and a Chemistry course. Most nursing schools require a grade of C or better for each of the above named courses.

If this isn’t enough stress, the student must complete the Nursing Entrance Test prior to getting their name on the nursing school admission list. Consequently, for the associate degree nurse, the entire program can be expected to take up to three years to complete. The up side of this is that many four year degree granting institutions offer a one year curriculum to graduating Associate Degree Nurse (ADN) for completion of a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. It is quite likely, that when the ADN graduates and finds employment, that the hospital where he or she is employed will pay their tuition for their Bachelors Degree completion. All of this sounds very enticing to many who wish to pursue nursing careers.

The nurses pay is also an incentive to enroll in Nursing School, though it should not be the main reason. Hence, with the occurrence of the mass lay offs from many of the automotive industries, those without jobs are entertaining the thought of going into the field of nursing. There is a huge influx of people who are in the nursing program or who plan to enroll in the nursing program ranging in ages from 32 to 52. Many of these students bring with them a vast life experience base. Therefore it is not surprising to find nursing students that have one or two Bachelor Degrees, previous careers in engineering, science, secretarial fields, emergency medical technicians and teachers.

This type of cross section was not the norm twenty or thirty years ago, when most of the nursing students were in their early twenties. There are quite a few current nursing students that are holding full time jobs and juggling kids and spouses needs. The responsibilities that the new nursing students must bear become at most unbearable when actual nursing school begins. So, the nursing student is faced with a stressful road map right at the beginning.

Why are nursing classes so difficult? Time and time again nursing students have said the same thing, which is, “how do you study for these tests?” The frustration for the nursing student culminates when they get a poor score on their exam. Usually this low score is in the C range, which is a failing grade for most Nursing Schools. When a student gets a 79 on an exam, they know that they have to make up those points on the next test. Worst case scenario is that they go into the final with a grade of 79% or 80%. Final exams are always much harder than the exams throughout the semester. So, when a student goes into the final with a failing grade or on the cusp of failing they become unnerved. Most nursing instructors will tell their students not to take the final if they have below an 80% and just drop the class instead of chancing a failing grade.

With nursing courses ranging in the 5-10 credit hour brackets, one can imagine how much a grade point average could be affected by a failing grade. Yet, nursing students do it all the time. They sit for the final exam and throw caution to wind. The results are that some of them do indeed pass, while others fail. Those that pass the final start the next semester with renewed stress. The nursing tests are what put so much stress on the students.

Although clinical rotation can also be very grueling, most student nurses will agree that it is the nursing tests that they fear. Nursing students must be prepared to handle the stress ahead of time. Friends and family should be aware of how much stress that their loved ones have to endure while in nursing school. They can assist by helping with the children such as picking the kids up from school, or bringing over dinner a few times a week. Just being there to listen to their concerns and offering a shoulder to lean on can help a great deal.