The Cost Factor in Online Nursing Courses

Everything has a price, even education. And education in many countries can be quite costly. But it would be a worthwhile investment for one to indulge over the long period. A nursing course has a cost too; tuition fees, registration fees, books, practical work equipment and examination fees add up to the hefty cost one has to pay for a good nursing course which makes it difficult or challenging to many people who aspires to be in the nursing profession.

But today, these nursing courses are offered at a much lower cost online.

Cost computation for online course of nurse

The course contents of online nursing classes programs are similar to its conventional counterparts but there is a large difference in their fees and costs.

Course fees are expressed in credit hours terms. A 2-year course has about 60 to 90 credits. A nursing program’s credit cost in a public learning institution is usually between $110 and $170; besides registration and other fees peculiar to that particular campus.

However, nursing study have different fees charged. There are no out-of-state fees or lab fees as there is no practical work with nursing study. Although the online student will need to foot the bill for books and other learning materials, there are no extra costs imposed on living expenses such as housing, travel and parking.

Financial Aids

Online nursing also offer financial aid to needy students as with the conventional on campus nursing courses. Knowing that the online student would probably be adult students or working students, there are study loans, loan forgiveness programs, scholarships, work-study programs and grants made available to online nursing courses students.

Different online nursing courses by different learning institutions offer different amounts of financial aid.

The U.S. government is also active in offering hundreds of federal grant programs to study programs which include online nursing courses. This gives you a great savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars from your actual course fees.

Loans like the loan forgiveness program allows the loan debt to be waived if the student nurse works at least a year in a required nursing area while work-study programs allow the student to be employed in any area of his choosing as he studies.

Hence, check out the available financial aids to find the most suitable one for your needs to enjoy the online nursing study to start your nursing career. It is now possible to get a good education cheaply.