The Top 5 Nursing Career Options – Which One Is Right For You?

Is a Nursing career option right for you? Have you decided what career to take after your high school graduation? Most of students consider taking up law, engineering, architecture, information technology, and other careers that may possibly give them a decent salary in the future. Many of these students believe in advertisements and hefty offers about these professions in landing a job. But have you ever thought of choosing nursing as your profession? Hopefully, these Nursing Career Options will be very helpful to you.

Lots of students consider taking up a nursing career option in colleges and universities nowadays. The reason behind this sudden change of student’s career preference is that they are now aware of the benefits and profits they are going to get from nursing profession. Aside from being a noble occupation, a nurse is also equipped with high-quality care and compassion for their patients. This makes it easier for them to render services that will help and cure the sick and ill clients. With the increasing number of students getting a nursing profession, various career options expanded as a result of this growth. All of these careers are thoroughly studied by individuals so that they will be able to give their 100% service to those who needs it. Here are the following Nursing Career Options for you nurses and aspiring nursing students.

Nursing Career Options

Advanced Practice Nursing

This advanced practice nurses are those who took and gained a Master’s degree. Roles under this field consist of the following:

Nurse Practitioner; Certified Nurse-Midwife; Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist; Registered Nurse First Assistant; and lastly – Nurse Psychotherapists

All of these are special areas on where Registered Nurse may partake and train to gain additional knowledge.

Nurses rendering Cardiac Care

Nurses under this area give emphasis and thorough care with patients having medical condition related to the heart. These individuals usually came from hospitals with special training under Critical Care Management. Outside the hospital premises, these nurses work in their patient’s home monitoring their cardiac medications. They also follow-up patients who have just undergone bypass operation, pacemaker surgery and angioplasty.

Community Health Nursing

Nurses under this field work for the government or any private agencies, clinics and other private establishments. Their basic and most essential task is to monitor and strengthen the communities’ general health status by teaming up with individuals, families or groups. Physicians, community leaders, educators and parents are included in this team in order for these nurses to inform and train the community about certain health care conditions, prevention of illnesses, proper nutrition and childcare.

Diabetes Nursing

Patients with diabetes are the top priority of nurses under this career. Endocrine system (includes hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroids, pituitary, adrenals, pineal body, and reproductive glands) is also their specialty.

Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurses with Master’s Degree are the ones who are under this field. They are required to practice their profession for several years and pass a national certification exam. With this qualification, they are allowed to diagnose diseases and give interventions by means of interview and physical examination, order specific laboratory and diagnostic tests and also prescribe medications. While doing these tasks, they also provide health care education, counseling, and supportive care to community, family and individuals.

Nursing Career Options Conclusion

These are just some of the nursing career options that you may consider in the future. The rest is all up to you if whether you continue your course or profession as a nurse, or shift to other career. Nursing is not just a profession; it is the best shot for you to a brighter future. As you can see, there are many Nursing Career Options to choose from.