Tips For a Student Nurse’s Resume

What Every Student Nurse Should Include in Their Resumes

Learn all you can about the company you’re applying to, then try to make your resume the answer to their need. Make sure you go to the company’s website first and get a feel for the company. The “Frequently Asked Questions” link will provide answers to questions that can help you with both your resume and the interview.  Try not to make your resume more than one page.

Here are a few tips on how to put together a resume that will land that coveted job:

1. Pay attention to the appearance and presentation of your resume. Make sure it looks professional.

2. Include your objective and goals that are important to you that you will bring to the company. The job description will give you some indication of what the company is looking for and if you ensure that you are on the same page with the company’s goal, you can include that in your resume.

3. Indicate which nursing school you attended and what programs you were involved with. Identify when you will graduate or the date when you did graduate. Put down your school experiences that relate to the job.

4. Include any work experience as well as learning experiences while in nursing school that would be an asset to the job position.

5. Include your summary of qualifications. Mention your people skills and how self-directed you are. For example, if you want to work in a children’s hospital, you should indicate what kind of experience and qualifications you have working with children.

6. Indicate any high level of achievement or leadership skills in your employment background. This information can include scholarships, academic awards and special program participation. You can mention any active affiliation with school or community organizations. Include your hobbies or sports involvement to highlight any above average developmental skills and dedication.

Most employers look for things such as your long term commitment to a career in a hospital or doctor’s office. They don’t want to train you and then have you leave in a few months. They want to know if they will have a good return on any investment they put into you. So in your resume, make mention of dates when you have been involved and committed.

Never try to get too cute or overly creative. Instead maintain a professionally formatted and straightforward resume. Never try to pad your resume with exaggerations. If the employer discovers this, they may view you as an untrustworthy person especially if it comes out in the interview.

Ensure that the experiences you had as a student nurse is clearly identifiable as such. If the employer is unclear about this, it may look like you are trying to be deceptive.

Don’t lengthen your resume with unimportant things. You don’t want to over do it or waste the employer’s time reading things that are unrelated.

Only refer to information that is useful and relevant to the particular job description. This will make you stand out from other nursing students. If they assume that you think all the information provided is useful, they will realize that you don’t know much about nursing and it makes you appear incapable of assuming the position.

If you are not sure what is useful and what is not useful for a student nursing resume to land you that coveted job, then ask someone else who does. We do. NursingResumePros is the only full-service resume writing company that specializes in resumes for nurses at all levels of experience.